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Historical craftsmarkets

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Historical craftsmarkets

Medieval Craftsmarkets

Experience the Past offers demonstrations of medieval crafts in third person interpretation. The crafts people wear medieval clothing and bring their medieval stands including all kinds of medieval replicas. The demonstations are always interactive: not only can the public watch the show, they can touch it, smell it ,sometimes even taste it and many techniques can be tried by themselves.

Utrechtse kermis middeleeuwen


Medieval Crafts

Bone craft

medieval bone craft

Medieval embroidery

medieval embroidery

Medieval health and medicine

medieval health and medicine

Medieval felting & headwear

Demonstration of the technique felting, showing examples of different medieval headwear.
Demonstration can be extended with a workshop for children.

medieval felting and headwear

Medieval basket weaving

Willow, soaked in water to make it more bendable, is used to create baskets.

medieval basket making

Medieval shoemaker

Demonstration of the process of making leather shoes (14th and 15th century models) and other leather work.

medieval shoemaker

Medieval carpenter

The carpenter shows how to make medieval furniture, wood carving, but also how to make small objects such as spoons.

medieval carpenter

Medieval pottery

Demonstration of potterty making + presentation of several selfmade replicas of medieval pottery. Demonstration can be extended with a workshop for children.

medieval pottery

Medieval armor making

Demonstration of plate armour making. Constructing plate armour requires many tools and techniques that will be shown, most of which are made by the craftsman.

medieval armor making

Medieval cooking

Demonstration medieval cooking. Taste it yourself.

medieval cooking

18th century craftsmarkets

Interactive and fun like our medieval crafts, but this time with craftspeople in 18th century costume, demonstrating typical crafts of the era. Fashion of ladies hats, a barber for men (which men enjoy like women enjoy a beauty spa), cooking and baking etc.

Vlietdagen, Historische Ambachtenmarkt 02