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A Few Days like No Others – cinema Tuschinski

Geplaatst op: 9 mei, 2016 door

We have had a wonderful time with our guests from France, Ireland, Belgium and Holland. One of the highlights was the guided tour at cinema Tuschinski. They played the organ for us, the orginial organ from 1924 that was installed to play music and effects while films were shown. And while the organ played, we danced in the beautiful theatre room.

The organ is not just an organ. It is the instrument that triggers all kinds of strings that are connected to for example a real drum, a telephone and other special effects. It is an incredible experience to go down in the place where in normal theatres the live orchestra is playing, and see the magic happen in front of your eyes.

I’ve made a few movies of the memorable moment. Just with a phone and just a few because we were so immersed in the moment. It can only give a glimpse of the real feeling at the real moment. The responses of our guests: “émouvant” , “incroyable’, “fantastic”, “it is from another world”, “I’m having the best time of my live”.