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Welcome to Experience the Past

Experiencing is a new trend in our current society, a society characterized by globalisation, individualisation, increased tempo and automation. Experience the Past offers cultural-historical services focusing on re-living and experiencing our history.

In the Netherlands, the past is treasured in museums, monuments, ancient buildings and archives. Preserving the past and especially creating historical awareness is even actively supported by politics through the creation of a historical canon. The plans for a new National History Museum failed,  but nonetheless, the trend of creating historical awareness continues  in all the different museums, and also in historical TV-programs, that seem to thrive, even though budget cuts are high.

Experience the Past builds on these trends in society and always tries to connect with current issues. In this way the relevance of the past in today’s society is increased. This contributes to historical consciousness.

Experience the Past offers services for all ages and for all levels: from primary school to University level.

Goudestein, foto Jorien bewerkt


Experience the Past: to make history matter for a general public!

It is my mission to educate people through costumed live interpretation, an exciting and interactive way to experience history as it might have been. I work with a team of professional freelancers who perform both in first and third person interpretation.


Beleef het verleden in de klas - renaissance

William Brewster in gesprek met publiek

In gesprek met publiek

Bal en diner Keetje Hodshon 2012, 01 Oudenhofmarkt 2014