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Advice and research

Posted on: April 19th, 2013 by

Experience the Past offers two kinds of research.

  1. historic research: aimed at the reconstruction of the past
  2. applied research: aimed at the application of historic knowledge in practice

For museums and cultural institutions mainly the apllied research is important, concerning the representation of the past.


Experience the Past can evaluate the effect of programs currently in your museum
on request and examine possibilities to increase the exposure to the public. Possible innovations aim to use attractive, interactive methods to represent the past.

Living history in your museum

Experience the Past is specialised in the application of living history in museums and cultural institutions. Besides performing costumized first and third person interpretation on request of the client, Experience the Past can ensure the implementation of living history in your museum by your own staff. Experience the Past gives advice and training concerning the development of ecudational living history programs.

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