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English book: EXPERIENCE THE PAST Women’s clothing in Holland from the 16th to the 19th century

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Book on historical clothing, combining museum pieces, archeology, art history and reenactment.



This costume book is unique in its scope, covering the history of costume through four centuries. It is also unique in its approach combining different disciplines such as museology, archaeology,  art history and reenactment. It shows research and images of historical clothing that survived in museums, fragments of pieces of fabric and clothing that come from archaeological finds and it shares with you experiences with making and wearing replicas of historical clothing. The book not only shows historical garments, what they looked like and how they were being made, but also the accessoires, including jewellry that were worn with these garments. And it gives an insight into how many pieces of clothing and what type of clothing one possesed depending on class and the place where you lived.

Available for sending out in October 2023!

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